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SurveyWise is a survey methods consultancy providing state-of-the-art advice on all aspects related to a survey project, from planning and design to data analysis.

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SurveyWise methodologists are actively involved in academia.
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We are an online consultancy - we minimise costs by avoiding travel costs, personal meetings and other related business expenditures.
We devote resources on keeping a close relationship with our counterparts until a project is closed.


Survey research is a complex procedure involving numerous decisions, which all can lead to biased results. SurveyWise is dedicated to ensure that all the research stages will be planned and implemented in methodologically well-considered manner.

Where can it go wrong?


What is exactly the objective or research topic? Will the study be descriptive or explanatory? Experimental or non-experimental?… Without a proper definition of objectives, many studies start to go wrong in the very beginning. Without a clear definition of the nature of the research, it is rather easy to end up with data, which does not correspond with your initial expectations.



The next decision after defining the research topic is choosing the variables. Almost always one needs more variables than those, which are directly measuring a concept of interest, but at the same time it is not wise to include in the data collection process variables which are not needed.


Data collection method

There are several ways to collect data, all of them have pros and cons. Finding the most appropriate method needs serious consideration based on the research topic, the costs and the quality criteria.


Questionnaire formulation

Questionnaire wording and choice of scales are the main sources of biased results. Operationalization of concepts into questions is a complex procedure, it needs to be scientifically justified, but usually this is not the case.



The importance of correct sampling is becoming more and more acknowledged, but it still causes discredit of many surveys. Frequently the Achilles heel is he use of convenience samples, another frequent problem is the wrong definition of the population.



Unfortunately it isn’t enough to have a good questionnaire and perfect sample, the fieldwork can spoil it all.


Data analysis

A proper selection of methods to analyze data is key to communicate solid results. This requires statistical advice on different techniques, model assumptions and limitations. Furthermore, a proper presentation of results improves the dissemination of findings.

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